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Career Academies of Pasco

CTE_Career Academies

The Academy Difference

Pasco Schools Career Technical Education (CTE) is helping our county and state address key challenges—from workforce development to student achievement, from economic vitality to global competitiveness. With nearly thirty thousand students district wide, CTE programs in middle schools and high schools are leading change, transforming expectations and making a difference.

Career Academies are a part of a national reform initiative to increase all students’ achievement and prepare students for a career path based on their interest, including postsecondary opportunities. Pasco’s Career Academies are organized around such themes as health sciences, business and finance, information technology, energy, hospitality and tourism, automotive service technology, robotics, building technology, aeronautics, law, communications and journalism, agritechnology, veterinary assisting, and engineering. Academy students take classes together, follow a curriculum that includes rigorous academic courses as well as career-oriented courses, and participate in work-based learning activities.

Career Academies are supported by extensive research, which indicates academy participation increases student achievement, attendance, college readiness if the academy theme requires a college degree and increases student achievement at the college level.

What are the benefits of enrolling in an Academy?

Students participating in a Career Academy have a clear path for graduation. Each academy meets all graduation requirements and prepares students for post-secondary education and/or the world of work. While in the academy, students have an opportunity to participate in special activities and events that provide greater awareness of the specific career ar ea and opportunities within that area. Academy participants will be part of a small group of students with similar interests completing courses together.