We will be providing meals at no cost to ALL students through October 20th. Meal choices may be limited due to availability and will not follow the published menu. Limited a la cart items may still be available for purchase. Adult meals will be available for purchase if food inventory allows.

Christian Benson,  Sophomore, LOLHS Academy of Culinary Arts, High School Student Chef of the Year


Christian Benson was recognized by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Tampa Bay Culinary Association organization for his achievements, efforts in the community for the past 3 years. Christian has not missed an event which included;  5 ACF Chef Cooking Practicals, Chapter events and meetings. Christian has volunteered his time and energy towards becoming a true culinary professional!  We not only awarded Christian with this honor, we also have made a $500 donation to Christian Benson once he applies and is accepted to the Culinary College of Choice.

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